Sagrada Família

The gorgeous Sagrada Família cannot be overlooked, no excuses.

Sagrada Família is without a doubt Barcelona’s most spectacular landmark. Construction began in 1882 and though Gaudí has died the work continues. It is planned to be finished in 2026. We will see about this tentative date as we move on Spanish time in this city. If you can only pay to see one thing in this city, this is it.

As with most things in this city, you can’t help but wonder… what’s taking so damn long? shutterstock_87317419DSCN8387 DSCN8391 DSCN8393 DSCN8395 DSCN8407 DSCN8422 DSCN8475gwo repostDSCN8427 DSCN8444 DSCN8456 DSCN8460 DSCN8473 DSCN8474  DSCN8477 DSCN8478 DSCN8484 DSCN8493 DSCN8496 DSCN8502 DSCN8513




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