Brasserie Flo

Brasserie Flo: Carrer de les Jonqueres 10,  Barcelona

If you have a special event coming up, possibly like Valentine’s Day you should reserve a table at Brasserie Flo! Be sure to purchase it with a discount as it can get quite expensive. Starters are each about 14€ and the main plates are around 20€. So make sure you visit this fancy place on a special anniversary.

The atmosphere is lovely and quite different than the other restaurants in Barcelona’s gothic neighborhood. It’s a warm and welcoming, spacious environment. The waiters are in suits and make you feel right at home and quite fancy!

flo 1  flo 2

The best appetizer was the “Timbal de setas de temporada y huevo pôché” meaning grilled assorted mushrooms with an egg on top with a crunchy eggplant chips drizzled in honey. It was quite filling and a wonderful blend of flavors.

The best main dish was the “Medallones de magret de pato con chutney de mango” and it was heaven on earth. Four big hunks of duck topped with a sauce made with mangos, berries, cranberries, and peach. It tasted just like Christmas! flo 4The fish was also quite tasty it had a creamy bechamel sauce with spinach. We were too full to try too many desserts, but the “Crêpes suzettes flambeadas” crepes were amazing and so sweet! In conclusion, check this place out if you’re feeling fancy! 

flo 3   flo 5 (2)  flo 6      flo 8  flo 5 flo 7


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