My favorite things about Barcelona that caused me to move here: suizaaaa

  1. The men can cook. (As a result of spending so much time with their mothers)
  2. The architecture, let me tell you about a beautiful thing called Catalan Modernisme.
  3. Tapas are a wonderful tradition to try a bit of everything!
  4. The city is completely walkable. (Really!)
  5. Antoni Gaudí is my soul mate and he can be yours too!
  6. When you order “suizo con nata” (hot chocolate) it looks like this!

I’m Diane, a San Diego native and am quite proud of whoever accurately named it “America’s Finest City.” I went on an architecture study abroad trip to Barcelona and fell in love with the gorgeous city & a Spaniard too!  So, after college I moved!  While here I have completed my masters, met some spectacular people and made a happy home in Barcelona, Spain. This Barcelona blog will act as a scrapbook so I can remember my adventures while I’m here.

My Spaniard, Alejandro, and I have a relationship mainly built around our love for food and each other. We can usually be found trying out new and classic Barcelona restaurants. Read our reviews of all the places we’ve eaten!

My favorite foods: Creamy pastas (I’m an Italian citizen too), cupcakes & giant steaks.
The best bite of food I’ve ever enjoyed was at La Muralla in San Sebastian. A must-visit while in the gorgeous Basque country. It was a foie and mushroom ravioli that tasted like God Himself had crafted it.

My Spaniard’s favorite foods: Hamburgers, anything Japanese & giant steaks.
His single best bite of food (rather a 21 ounce steak) was at Delmonico’s Steakhouse in Las Vegas’s Venetian Hotel by Chef Emeril Lagasse. Bam!

my spaniard    Me at cuina

Laughing in Spain: Because if you decide to date a Spaniard, you’ll pretty much be laughing the whole time.  One day I will publish a book titled: The “Art” of Spanish Timing or Slow Stories about the Patience I Gained in Spain or My Boyfriend Takes Longer to Get Ready Than Yours.   (Title Pending)

Thinking about dating a Spaniard?

My Interview with Kaley… & Mas a blog all about being an American living in Spain! Read it!

You can cook like a Spaniard too! Here’s what I’ve learned to make thus far…  Click the photos to see the recipes!  

paella big1 pan con tomate2

Tortilla de patatas


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