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Soda & Swine

Soda & Swine: 2943 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA

soda 1Soda & Swine is possibly the first restaurant that I went to twice in one day. Soda & Swine consists of two parts. The menu is based on four kinds of meatballs with different sauces you can eat a la carte,  on a slider or as a sub. The menu is supplemented by such standards as mac and cheese and fries, but also has unique offerings such as roasted chick peas and polenta,  Next door is  Polite Provisions and they have wonderful creatively flavored cocktails for the evenings!

The modern design of the Soda & Swine is lovely. The cafeteria style dining room is open to the sky yet enclosed on the sides. Polite Provisions was an old pharmacy and they’ve kept the old fixtures but modernized it a bit The effect is beautiful. Be sure to pay a visit to the bathroom and pay special attention to the floor!

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Hollywood, CA

Hollywood’s walk of stars is a must visit when anyone from outside of America comes to visit you. This most recent time involved taking my Spaniard’s family to visit and take their picture with their favorite celebrity stars.

As for food while you’re in Los Angeles I recommend a visit to Pink’s Hot Dogs which is a staple part of LA history. They make giant hot dogs topped with an amazing chili. I also recommend a visit to Philippe’s which makes amazing French dip sandwiches. You can still buy a cup of coffee for 30 cents just like in the 1920s.  The authentic feel of this place is unbeatable!

Walk along Rodeo Drive to enjoy the nice cars and window shop at the luxury shops. If you’re lucky you’ll see a celebrity! DSC_1139 DSC_1141   DSC_1148 DSC_1152 DSC_1155

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San Diego, CA

San Diego is America’s finest city mainly because that’s where I was born and raised! The list of gorgeous spots in San Diego are endless. I discover new amazing spots each time I’m there! The Mexican food can change your life and the farmers markets can’t be missed. Ocean beach is the best beach and a stroll down the pier is essential for each visit. Order a burger to go from Hodad’s on Newport and eat it in the sand, this will ensure a perfect Californian experience.

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San Francisco, CA

san fran 5San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in America and despite the chilly and ever present fog, I think I could live there. They have phenomenal food, gorgeous architecture, and very interesting museums.

If you’re  foodie, San Francisco has some of the top restaurants in the world and a vast selection of cuisine ethnicities. If you love shopping at markets you will love the market at the ferry landing. The views are breathtaking throughout the city.

The city is also quite alternative and it’s easy to encounter some great hippie watching.  Be sure to visit! You will love this city.

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Washington, DC

Washington DC, the land of deceiving weather and hot and cold storms that blow in with no warning. After living in a city for 4 years you would think you would get to know the temperatures, but not in DC. Each day is a surprise! I got to enjoy all the wonderful and not so wonderful aspects of the city all through the eyes of an optimistic college student. All’s well that ends well!

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I attended Catholic University of America and studied Architecture and planning. I also worked at the libraries, a cupcake shop, and The National Shrine bookshop too! College was a blast and I wish I could return each day… the good old days!

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