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Granada, Spain

granada 16

Fun Fact: Granada means “pomegranate” or “grenade” and while I didn’t see either while I was in Granada, it was still quite the adventure. Granada is a hippie central and for that reason I loved it. It reminded me so much of my beach town at home in San Diego. There are many people called “perro-flautas” which are hippie/wanderers that have a dog (perro) and play a flute (flauta). Our teacher flirted with a few of them and bribed them with beer to tour us around the alternative side of Granada.
Darling white washed houses and traditional Spanish roofing tiles abound. The graffiti is colorful and inspiring. The vibe of the city is a positive one and it’s just so sunny! The Alhambra is breathtaking and you’ll wish you could move right into this expansive castle. Plan to spend a lot of time there as the gardens alone can take all day to explore. Granada is easily one of my favorite Spanish cities, you have to visit! 

granada 3

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My Guests in Barcelona

Since I moved to Barcelona I have had more than 35 visitors! I have loved helping you all to discover Barcelona and have had fun along the way! Here are some photos!

guell cute

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Parc Güell

Gaudí really went wild on this one! Parc Güell is Gaudí’s masterpiece and it now costs 8€ to enter but is completely worth it. The project was commissioned to Gaudí by Señor Güell to be a gated community for Barcelona’s wealthiest members. The park, as you will see has very few houses as the project ran out of money. It was then opened to be a public park.

The highlights of Parc Güell are two little rainbow cottages and a patio lined by curvy benches. The views over Barcelona are outstanding. Don’t miss this park!

guell-shutterstock_157354529  parc guell aine guell 4guell cuteparc guell collage kisses guell 2guellparc guell house parc guell Benchesguell 3 parc guell 2parc guell ha 1 parc guell ha 2 parc guell ha 4 parc guell ha

Casa Batlló

With a dragon shaped roof and every inch covered in rainbow tiles, this building is quite the sight! Casa Batlló is incredibly unique and you won’t ever find another building like it. It has so much character and there’s not a straight line anywhere on it. Only Gaudí could make buildings look so utterly human. Notice the columns that look like human femurs and the skull shaped balconies. It’s located on the beautiful Passeig de Gràcia.

We once walked buy during a light show and it really brought the building to life. Watch this video!

casa bat 1 casa bat 3batllo 3balconies instaaaa Casa Bat roof casa batllo from street

Sagrada Família

The gorgeous Sagrada Família cannot be overlooked, no excuses.

Sagrada Família is without a doubt Barcelona’s most spectacular landmark. Construction began in 1882 and though Gaudí has died the work continues. It is planned to be finished in 2026. We will see about this tentative date as we move on Spanish time in this city. If you can only pay to see one thing in this city, this is it.

As with most things in this city, you can’t help but wonder… what’s taking so damn long? shutterstock_87317419DSCN8387 DSCN8391 DSCN8393 DSCN8395 DSCN8407 DSCN8422 DSCN8475gwo repostDSCN8427 DSCN8444 DSCN8456 DSCN8460 DSCN8473 DSCN8474  DSCN8477 DSCN8478 DSCN8484 DSCN8493 DSCN8496 DSCN8502 DSCN8513



Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Switzerland is a series of darling country towns each placed near a lake. Neuchâtel, Switzerland was especially beautiful and the photos prove it. The town has old castle ruins that were great to walk around and explore. The residential neighborhood where our friend grew up was picture perfect and a quiant place to live. Also Switzerland’s chocolate supply is enough to make me live there. Fly Swiss Air whan you can, they walk around with little chocolates throughout the flight!

neuchatel 3 neuchatel 6neuchatel 4 neuchatel 5  neuchatel 7 neuchatel 2neuchatel