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Con Pane

Con Pane: Liberty Station Suite 105, 2750 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA

Con Pane is the perfect Point loma place for a tasty breakfast or a quick lunch. Con Pane is a bakery and they bake the most amazing fresh breads each day. My favorites are the rosemary bread and the Point Loma Sourdough.

con p 2For breakfast grab an orange cinnamon roll and a giant latte and you’ll be set until lunch time. The sugar and cinnamon coated roll is light and fluffy and slightly orange flavor, just perfect! You can also order a sandwich for breakfast, if you’re feeling like brunch.

Their sandwiches come in whole or half sizes, they are great for sharing as they are quite hearty servings. My favorite is the turkey cobb sandwich. I order it with no mayonnaise because it doesn’t need it. There’s avocado, zesty gorgonzola crumbles, lettuce and a good amount of quality turkey breast.

If you’re seeking something simpler, they even have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Also, keep in mind, they are closed on Wednesdays! Sandwiches are $6 each, which is very reasonble for the high quality!

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