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Granada, Spain

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Fun Fact: Granada means “pomegranate” or “grenade” and while I didn’t see either while I was in Granada, it was still quite the adventure. Granada is a hippie central and for that reason I loved it. It reminded me so much of my beach town at home in San Diego. There are many people called “perro-flautas” which are hippie/wanderers that have a dog (perro) and play a flute (flauta). Our teacher flirted with a few of them and bribed them with beer to tour us around the alternative side of Granada.
Darling white washed houses and traditional Spanish roofing tiles abound. The graffiti is colorful and inspiring. The vibe of the city is a positive one and it’s just so sunny! The Alhambra is breathtaking and you’ll wish you could move right into this expansive castle. Plan to spend a lot of time there as the gardens alone can take all day to explore. Granada is easily one of my favorite Spanish cities, you have to visit! 

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Study Abroad in Barcelona

Studying Abroad… EVERYONE should do it. Me and my friends chose to go to Barcelona mainly to eat massive amounts of chocolate and churros.

petritol diane and ceci petritxol diane and ceci

study abroad easter 2Just think about it: College consists of 8 semesters where more or less the same things happen week after week. So why not take one of those semsters and live with your friends in a foreign country? My friends and I who were “studying” architecture in Barcelona lived in Melon district. This communal style housing was ideal as we shared a kitchen but each had separate rooms. We visited and explored each corner of Barcelona, often with the help of my Spaniard and learned about nightlife, traditions and a little about the Spanish language too. We got to travel to Sevilla, Toledo, Granada and Madrid. Later on to Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Seeing the world with your friends is an experience that everyone deserves.

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Study abroad when you’re in college. Just do it. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life.

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