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Granada, Spain

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Fun Fact: Granada means “pomegranate” or “grenade” and while I didn’t see either while I was in Granada, it was still quite the adventure. Granada is a hippie central and for that reason I loved it. It reminded me so much of my beach town at home in San Diego. There are many people called “perro-flautas” which are hippie/wanderers that have a dog (perro) and play a flute (flauta). Our teacher flirted with a few of them and bribed them with beer to tour us around the alternative side of Granada.
Darling white washed houses and traditional Spanish roofing tiles abound. The graffiti is colorful and inspiring. The vibe of the city is a positive one and it’s just so sunny! The Alhambra is breathtaking and you’ll wish you could move right into this expansive castle. Plan to spend a lot of time there as the gardens alone can take all day to explore. Granada is easily one of my favorite Spanish cities, you have to visit! 

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Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is full of history and bursting with the traditional Southern Spanish culture. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is the main highlight, and for good reason. The combination of Muslim and Christian architecture is gorgeous and tells an amazing history. Cordoba has an unexplainable charm and is a romantic city to explore.  The small idling streets with whitewashed homes are beautiful to explore.  When you visit Spain be sure to take at least a day trip to explore Cordoba.

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Brasserie Flo

Brasserie Flo: Carrer de les Jonqueres 10,  Barcelona

If you have a special event coming up, possibly like Valentine’s Day you should reserve a table at Brasserie Flo! Be sure to purchase it with a discount as it can get quite expensive. Starters are each about 14€ and the main plates are around 20€. So make sure you visit this fancy place on a special anniversary.

The atmosphere is lovely and quite different than the other restaurants in Barcelona’s gothic neighborhood. It’s a warm and welcoming, spacious environment. The waiters are in suits and make you feel right at home and quite fancy!

flo 1  flo 2

The best appetizer was the “Timbal de setas de temporada y huevo pôché” meaning grilled assorted mushrooms with an egg on top with a crunchy eggplant chips drizzled in honey. It was quite filling and a wonderful blend of flavors.

The best main dish was the “Medallones de magret de pato con chutney de mango” and it was heaven on earth. Four big hunks of duck topped with a sauce made with mangos, berries, cranberries, and peach. It tasted just like Christmas! flo 4The fish was also quite tasty it had a creamy bechamel sauce with spinach. We were too full to try too many desserts, but the “Crêpes suzettes flambeadas” crepes were amazing and so sweet! In conclusion, check this place out if you’re feeling fancy! 

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Tantarantana: Carrer d’En Tantarantana 24, Barcelona

The Born neighborhood is one of the best things about the city of Barcelona. This old neighborhood has charming winding streets and cute cafes and restaurants abound! One of my favorites to take visitors to is Tantarantana. It is the epitome of Barcelona’s Born neighborhood: cozy, cute and typically Spanish. It has very much of a “hole in the wall” place feel. and is housed in a 16th Century building with exposed stone walls.  Great authentic vibe.

tanatran 2

It’s a place to drink red wine from the Rioja and Catalunya and share tapas with friends. There are also many options for Gin Tonics to top off the night. Visitor’s favorite tapa is consistently the fried eggplant chunks topped with lime and honey. It’s a very different combination of flavors and is probably their best tapa dish. The jamon and pan con tomate are essentials. The “huevos estrellados” meaning “broken eggs” which are fried potatoes mixed with jamon and fried eggs, are tasty as well! The toast with sobrassada and cheese is melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

tantarana 3  tantarana

This is a great tapas place to eat among locals and experience a real tapas feast when visiting Barcelona! It’s less than 15€ a person usually, excluding alcohol. It’s an affordable tapas extravaganza!


Taktika Berri

Taktika Berri: Carrer de València 169, Barcelona

In Barcelona’s Eixample you can find one of the nicest restaurants in Barcelona! It’s a beautiful homage to the food from the Northeastern part of Spain, the Basque country. The Basque country is very different than the rest of Spain, it’s a very wet, green and beautiful landscape.  But, more importantly, it is the home of phenomenal culinary talent. They’ve invented a lovely little tapa called a “Pintxo,” and you’ll want to eat them by the thousands!  A pintxo consists of a small piece of bread topped with a tasty morsel of meat, fish, cheese or all of the above, held together with a toothpick!

Taktika Berri is a family run restaurant and upon entry the first thing you’ll notice is a gorgeous pintxos bar. You’ll be welcomed to grab a plate and fill it up with all the pintxos you want!

taktika 3 taktika 5

Once seated at the table you’ll quickly notice there are no menus. The waitress will tell you your options which are a wonderful starters including tortilla Espanola with fish and a tuna and tomato salad.  The tortilla is huge and wet as a good omelet should be; you cut it up to share with the table just like a quiche. The tuna and tomato salad is delicious and beautiful generously topped with vinegar and olive oil.

taktika berri aletaktika berri steak

For the main dishes there are two choices of fish and a huge hunk of meat, called the “entrecote” which is the best seller. I’m sure these photos will convince you of how incredibly tasty these plates really are! The bill will be about 20-25€ per person. Be sure to order some “txakoli” which is a Basque traditional alcoholic beverage. It’s bubbly and sour, and is best served highly aerated, so the waitress pours it from above her head! It’s a fun experience and a tasty treat!

Plan a visit to Taktika Berri, it’s so nice to have a little slice of the foodie heaven that is the Basque country right here in Barcelona! 

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Laberint d’Horta

Laberint d’Horta is a garden and tropical oasis in the upper part of Barcelona. There’s even a waterfall! The gardens are located at the former estate of the Desvalls family, next to the Collserola ridge. The expansive park includes an 18th century neoclassical garden and a 19th century romantic garden. The estate construction began in 1791 and was later given to the city of Barcelona.

It’s incredible to believe that this once belonged to a single family. The labyrinth maze is fun for kids to run through as well!  Here are some photos to convince you to visit!

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Parc Güell

Gaudí really went wild on this one! Parc Güell is Gaudí’s masterpiece and it now costs 8€ to enter but is completely worth it. The project was commissioned to Gaudí by Señor Güell to be a gated community for Barcelona’s wealthiest members. The park, as you will see has very few houses as the project ran out of money. It was then opened to be a public park.

The highlights of Parc Güell are two little rainbow cottages and a patio lined by curvy benches. The views over Barcelona are outstanding. Don’t miss this park!

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