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Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is full of history and bursting with the traditional Southern Spanish culture. The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is the main highlight, and for good reason. The combination of Muslim and Christian architecture is gorgeous and tells an amazing history. Cordoba has an unexplainable charm and is a romantic city to explore.  The small idling streets with whitewashed homes are beautiful to explore.  When you visit Spain be sure to take at least a day trip to explore Cordoba.

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My Guests in Barcelona

Since I moved to Barcelona I have had more than 35 visitors! I have loved helping you all to discover Barcelona and have had fun along the way! Here are some photos!

guell cute

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Can Paixano

Can Paixano: Carreer de la Reina Christina 7, Barcelona 

Can Paixano, also known as the “La Xampanyeria” is a magical find if you’re a study abroad student in Barcelona. It’s a place all about cheap and sweet cava and day drinking. The atmosphere is welcoming an packed full of tipsy Spaniards which are the best kind of Spaniards there are when it somes up to standing up and eating. There are no tables or chairs in sight and that makes it all the more crowded and exciting.

can paixano Cava is a Catalan version of Champagne, which it is not as it’s not from France. It can be pink and sweet like the Cava Rosat or bitter and dry like the Cava Brut. You’ll fall in love with the Cava Rosat which is like a pink, sparkling glass of summer, honey and happiness! 

So come in for an early lunch you can buy a bottle per food item. This is easy with a group of friends to have a generous ratio of drinks to a sandwich each. The hamburgers are great and are 3€ as are the bottles of cava. You’ll also be wanting to buy a few cava rosat bottles to go upon leaving. Which you can easily do in the back of the restaurant, just squeeze through the hoards.

You can enjoy a wonderful afternoon here for less than 15€ a person. I highly suggest taking some cava to go and walking the short distance to the beach and relaxing in the sand and enjoying a happy Barcelona day!

can paixano 2

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Berlin, Germany

berlin 1 berlin 2

I have mixed feelings about Berlin Germany. It was freezing cold during our March visit and we spent most of the time outdoors walking, and even more of that time lost. The city plan is a concentric one meaning the roads are “circular” and radiate from one point. We had no idea about this and it can apparently be quite tricky for architecture and planning students trying to get back to a hotel when they’re used to grid-like city layouts.

The food was hearty and filling which was welcomed with open arms as we had just come from Paris, (on a student budget in Paris it’s easy to starve.) The currywurst was tasty and the wall and the “East Side Gallery” was very interesting.

berlin 3 berlin 4 berlin wall berlin 9

My favorite part was visiting Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum. The architecture is so impressive and perfectly facilitates the moving and dramatic history within.  The most moving piece was the “Fallen Leaves” exhibition in the Memory Void part of the building, made by Menashe Kadishman. The faces made of steel are hard to walk across and the screaming noise they make when your foot crosses them is an experience I will never forget.

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Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam, Germany is a darling little place and though it was freezing I’m glad we made the hike to see a weird building. The Einstein Tower is an observatory in the Albert Einstein Science Park designed by Erich Mendelsohn. While you can’t enter it you can sit outside and draw it, in the cold, and then request your students to watercolor it, also in the cold. That sums up my time in Potsdam, but hey, it was a good hike.

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Study Abroad in Barcelona

Studying Abroad… EVERYONE should do it. Me and my friends chose to go to Barcelona mainly to eat massive amounts of chocolate and churros.

petritol diane and ceci petritxol diane and ceci

study abroad easter 2Just think about it: College consists of 8 semesters where more or less the same things happen week after week. So why not take one of those semsters and live with your friends in a foreign country? My friends and I who were “studying” architecture in Barcelona lived in Melon district. This communal style housing was ideal as we shared a kitchen but each had separate rooms. We visited and explored each corner of Barcelona, often with the help of my Spaniard and learned about nightlife, traditions and a little about the Spanish language too. We got to travel to Sevilla, Toledo, Granada and Madrid. Later on to Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Seeing the world with your friends is an experience that everyone deserves.

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easter w (study abroad) study abroad melon

Study abroad when you’re in college. Just do it. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life.

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